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Coins to add to C-Patex (auction style)

  • All active members can participate, contributing PATS to support the currency they want to add. PATS will be discounted from the balance and will not be returned, unless C-Patex decides not to list that currency for technical or commercial reasons.
  • To submit a candidate please fill in the fields (ticker, name) at the end of the list, and click on "Submit" button. You must have al least 5 PATS on your balance to pay for submit a new coin.
  • To support a coin you can collaborate by paying 5 or 10 PATS, by clicking on the buttons.
  • The coin that has raised the highest amount of PATS as of April 15, 2021, 12 hours UTC, will be added to the exchange in the following days.
  • If a candidate coin raises the sum of 400 PATS, it automatically gains the right to be added to C-Patex in the next few days, and it is withdrawn from the auction.
  • The user who has suggested the winning candidate of the auction will receive as a prize 25% of the PATS collected for that currency.

Cryptocurrencies that is allowed to include:

  • All POW or POS open source coins derivated from well known algos and compatible with bitcoin API/RPC calls.
  • New Projects that provide all documentation, source in Github, and support for exchange integration scripting.
  • No ICOs or ERC20 tokens are allowed, unless the issuer is a registered company with public financial information with CIK number (USA) or equivalent.

Ticker Coin name Amount 
SCH Schillingcoin 50.00  
SLP Small Love Potion 40.00  
CESC Cryptoescudo 25.00  
AZZR Azzure 15.00  
WAGE Digiwage 10.00  
SLOTH Slothcoin 5.00  
PYE Pyrite 5.00  
XLR Solaris 5.00  
PATS Balance: 0.00

Winner coins:

Ticker Coin name Status
DCR Decred 0. Will be listed soon
XFG Fandom Gold 0. Will be listed soon
ETC Ethereum Classic 0. Will be listed soon
SAGA DarkSaga 0. Willl be listed soon
RVN Ravencoin 1. On queue
XMG Magi 1. On queue
XGOX Xgox 1. On queue

Trading fees: 0.20% (asks & bids)
Support: [email protected]
Verify required for assets over USD 10000.
Please read our AML and KYC policies.
Cripto Pagagonia S.A., Argentina

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