• Patex Network Layer 2 blockchain, with a main PATEX token
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Patex Ecosystem
Patex Ecosystem is a network-based ecosystem that is a complex centralized and public, LATAM region focused, solution for trading, regulation, issuance of CBDC tokens, comfortable business operation and payments, education,career guidance in the world of crypto
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Why Latin America?
Brazil is the region's top recipient of crypto assets with a value of $150 billion and one of the highest crypto adoption rates — 16 million crypto users
Mexico has largest crypto remittance corridor, with over $1 billion in transfers and a 400% yearly increase in 2022
Chile has the most active users of DeFi, with over 45% of all crypto assets transaction volume in 2022
El Salvador legalized BTC as a legal tender in 2021
Venezuelans invested $37 billion in crypto in 2022
The Central Bank of Cuba has officially regulated cryptocurrencies since 2021
The National Assembly of Panama has approved a bill to regulate and legalize crypto
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Patex Network

Patex Network is a Layer 2 blockchain, with a main PATEX token. This network is the core of the whole ecosystem and also a ready-made network for the needs of the regulator in the region, providing all necessary functions to regulate the network and its transactions

Layer 2 (L2)
Patex Network is a Layer 2 network, that is built on top of Ethereum blockchain. It is designed to solve typical problems of Layer 1 networks, such as solve the problem of scaling, increasing speed and reducing fees of transaction
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PATEX is a main token of Patex Network that is also deeply integrated into Patex Ecosystem, enhancing the use of its products such as Patex Campus or C-Patex Exchange

Patex Campus

The blockchain industry is growing rapidly and knowledge is an important contribution to the development of the industry. We train specialists in different areas of the blockchain industry at different levels, from A1 to C2

Crypto Literacy
Crypto Literacy is a platform that allows people around the world to learn the basics in the field of blockchain technologies. You can get А1-B1 level knowledge and receive a certificate of the corresponding level completion
Career Guidance
Career Guidance is designed for training professionals of various blockchain-related fields and covers B2, C1 and C2 levels. The educational process is based on one of the professional directions you have chosen. Upon completion of each level, you will receive a certificate confirming this
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C-Patex Exchange

Сentralized platform with a wide range of convenient and accessible trading tools

C-Patex Specializations Choose your specialization and increase it’s level to get access to unique advantages on the exchange
There are 4 specialization:
Launchpad Allocation Launchpad Allocation
Token Freezer Token Freezer
Referrals Referrals
Trading Fees Trading Fees
How to level up your specialty? To enhance your specialty you first have to activate the C-Patex Ticket for 1 PATEX. Then collect experience points (EP) and use them to level up one of your specializations as shown in the video:
What is demo trading?
After KYC, all users will be awarded 100 demo USDT tokens, so that beginners can learn trading without financial worries, and professionals can improve their trading strategies
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