Patex Network Layer 2 blockchain, with main PATEX token, that is the core of Patex Ecosystem
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Patex Network
Patex Network is a Layer 2 (L2) blockchain, with a main PATEX token. The network is a core of Patex Ecosystem and is also designed for Central Bank Digital Currencies as regulated crypto management system, so it supports a centralized and public infrastructure that allows CBDC and other currencies to be issued and developed in the region
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in Patex Network
PATEX token is a main token of Patex Network that is also deeply integrated with the whole ecosystem. PATEX allows you to get access to the exclusive educational content, receive unique C-Patex Specializations benefits get discounts on trading fees and participate in wide range other activities of Patex Ecosystem
PATEX Token Utilities
There are many ways of token usage, the main ones are
coin icon Network Fees
coin icon Trading commission payment
ticker icon Features of C-Patex Specializations
coins icon Purchase of demo tokens
answer icon Сomplete a quiz at any level for a PATEX token
percent icon 10% of Career Guidance income
message icon Access to unique content of Patex Campus
What’s the income source?

The basic system of token growth is demand generation through integration of users into Patex Ecosystem

The basis of tokens-raising after launch is based on 3 pillars:

  • 10% From Patex Campus income
  • Market Trading
  • Usability
More Details
What PATEX does for C-Patex? The PATEX token opens up new opportunities to improve user experience and obtain additional user advantages in Patex Ecosystem, without which these features would not be possible:
Patex Campus Education Patex Campus Education
C-Patex Specializations C-Patex Specializations
Fee Discounts Fee Discounts
Benefits Access Benefits Access
C-Patex Specializations All users are assigned a level that allows them to get more "freezes" in C-Freezer, tokens within Launchpad allocation, more earnings from referrals and pay fewer trading fees
How to get the most from C-Patex Specializations?
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Activate C-Patex Specializations You can activate C-Patex Specializations for 1 PATEX with C-Patex Ticket Activate
Get experience points (EP) Put PATEX in C-Freezer, trade, invite your friends and participate in Launchpad to earn experience points Get now
Level up your specializations With the experience points you earn, you can improve one of four areas and get unique bonuses and benefits Level up
Patex Campus
The world of crypto is expanding, and one of the main ideas behind the PATEX token is to make the industry accessible to everyone. Patex Campus allows you to both get acquainted with the blockchain industry on Crypto Literacy and become a professional in various related fields on Career Guidance Read more
The role of PATEX in Patex Campus
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PATEX plays a significant role in Patex Campus as it is tightly integrated with this platform. Crypto Literacy provides users with levels A1 and A2 - for free, while level B1 is available for PATEX. Courses on Career Guidance are available for a separate cost and 10% of their cost goes to support the PATEX token Buy now
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How to get extra demo tokens for test trading? Each user has the opportunity to buy 100 demo USDT tokens for 1 PATEX to practice their trading skills
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