Coins to add to C-Patex (voting):

  • All active members are able to vote once
  • Users having PATS can vote more times. No amount is deducted.
  • Guests (non-users) can vote depositing LTC to associated address
  • Each month two coin will be selected: the most voted and the coin which have the biggest LTC amount raised.
  • The user or guest who submitted a winner candidate will earn 25% of LTC amount raised.

Cryptocurrencies that is allowed to include:

  • All POW or POS open source coins derivated from well known algos and compatible with bitcoin API/RPC calls.
  • New Projects that provide all documentation, source in Github, and support for exchange integration scripting.
  • No ICOs or ERC20 tokens are allowed, unless the issuer is a registered company with public financial information with CIK number (USA) or equivalent.

2019-09-10: COVAL and CASH2 were selected. Next closure: 2019-09-30 12:00 GMT

Ticker Coin Name LTC address Votes   Amount  
GRIN Grin LcPatexKThw7di8At1RJ37H32CxrqfCXrc 12   0.00  
X0Z Zerozed LcPatexE7ARVwDD6VHNBkEbRpHreBCuwbi 11   0.00  
LPT LivePeer Token LcPatexSEmCm2z54yykQzB6iBTppCcXNSR 7   0.00  
PHR Phore LcPatexMZgvQ7y4CoSDiFTDcHZrse2NsZg 4   0.00  
BCDT Blockch. Cert. Data Token LcPatexSMKc3vAx9DWJifN2fBmX5bFeGHF 3   0.00  
SNOW Snowblossom LcPatexgAMLK4q2uVAei2ajUJpTn2HB2DA 3   0.00  
YEC Ycash LcPatexGrvdbkff2cnJXEnx7T3oEs9YwAE 2   0.00  
RIC Riecoin LcPatexgbWRHqnUGGjbmk8fVMvYfGwEggo 2   0.00  
DISC Diskcoin LcPatexEnTpraaLor6o5ojDkMivz4AUuDg 1   0.00  
XMG Magi LcPatexPHBYWxezPZmXXLAf1wJ1rfD8VMg 1   0.00  
RVN Ravencoin LcPatexSUZKZSzuME1nJbMBG4763PCMrp2 1   0.00  
PINK Pinkcoin LcPatexUfRjYpUdjpQqwAHGXwRR1ezy1NJ 1   0.00  
MUE MonetaryUnit LcPatexWHc6Ha2bGv6VKYYXuiVmDVhaFAx 1   0.00  
DCR Decred LcPatexbQjn1GtA7A3sFLZXX28yttnjpTu 1   0.00  
ARB ARBITRAGE LcPatexbXoGV1iZQ3diRDquptRXruTrZQP 1   0.00  
GLT GlobalToken LcPatexci45eqf1CbXEMK78pXWYv1xNQLs 1   0.00  
BTI Bitcoin Instant LcPatexftJ2qc7ZsgsaEnZ74Et19zMRCGt 1   0.20  
ABY ArtByte LcPatex6PX4Wa66xXAnRnqS1p8oJZR9hSq 0   0.00  
SYC Strayacash LcPatexDVhiEE5BZ7saMHDjwcwGnroTS85 0   0.00