Patex Shares


PATS are an excellent investment opportunity.

We have issued a limited quantity of shares (PATS). Those shares represent a 40% of C-Patex's fee income.

Begining on 1st of December 2017, 40% of all revenues of the site will be paid monthly to shareholders as bonus.

As we promised on Aug 20th, we maintain the payment of 225 satoshi for PATS until Jan 2021. Starting in Feb 2021, we will pay as a bonus at the end of the month, the average of PATS/BTC price divided by 120, to maintain a minimum APR of approximately 10% per year.

If the monthly volume of the exchange exceeds 45 BTC, then the BTC bonus will be equal to the volume divided by 30 million.

These changes are necessary to maintain benefits of PATS without affecting sustainability and regulatory compliance. Also we will simplify the reports to improve privacy of our investors.

Although we have respected our commitments for three years, remember that every investment involves risk. Be wise when investing in cryptocurrencies and tokens.

The last day of each month, at 24 hs GMT, we retrieve the ammount of PATS that each user have in account balance to do the payment.

Bonus payment will be credited in BTC account. Revenues of altcoins will be converted to BTC based on the average market price.

Everyone can buy and sell PATS on the exchange and the market price could fluctuate. As this site grows, earnings by trading fees will grow too and the monthly bonus will be bigger each month. As a consecuence, the PATS price will rise accordingly.


PatexShares (PATS) were converted into an ERC20 token.

Now you can withdraw, deposit or exchange PATS outside C-Patex using any ERC20 platform.

PATS and ETH have the same deposit address, as they both use the Ethereum blockchain.

At the end of the month, the bonus will be paid in BTC to all the holders of PATS inside our exchange, and in ETH to the users that have them in other sites/wallet.

Month BTC paid Holders PATS sold BTC Volume