About Withdraws


  • Add a destiny address to your user's list by clicking in "Manage Address", on the field "Label" you can enter a name to remember it.
  • You can then click on withdraw all, to fill the amount, and then edit that to be sure that the number entered has the right format. Remember to check the minimum required. The fee will be added to that amount later, so remember to subtract the fee from the total amount if you want to withdraw all.
  • Choose if you are going to use Google Auth, or SMS code to verify your operation, and enter the code. (Remember that Google Auth, code is valid only for 30 seconds)
  • Then submit!


All withdraws are executed automatically, and within 5 to 10minutes, except the ones in BTC due to the expensive fees.

BTC withdraws are done every 2 or 3 hours, depending on the total pending amount.

After it is executed, if the wallet responds with the Transaction ID in time, it will be updated on the site and you can check it on your history page. If not, in that field will be shown a "Check_wallet" message, and our system will check again in some minutes if the transaction was done right and update the Transaction ID.